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Leave Lemmingville and live like James Bond... Disruptive Top Secret technology gives ordinary men "Super Spy-like" powers.

Victory Grid     Victory Gasifier

With Great Power Comes…

Almost supernatural new abilities. The Victory Grid is a more than a machine, it encompasses the essentials of civilization refined down to a personal scale. The technologies that power your life today, now under your control.
    •    A refinery producing organic bio-hydrogen on demand
    •    Heat co-generation: hot water, heated air, drying capacity
    •    Low emissions natural gas electric power plant
    •    Battery storage for 24/7 light & power
... essentially your own utility company.     

How it works

Using the stored solar energy in wood, maybe even wood from your own yard, you can enjoy free heat and power. Our gasification machine heats the wood to separate the charcoal and oil out, then uses the heat from the charcoal to refine the bio-oils into a natural gas substitute we fondly call "Victory Gas". The wood gas feeds the power plant and the heat and electricity are harvested for the betterment of your life. It's really that simple.

Only the Victory Grid gives you the benefits of a fuel refinery & a power plant in one affordable package. Industrial grade construction and heirloom quality that goes where you want to.

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